Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for information?

When searching Dateline Dominguez, look for the “Search” dialog box, located on the right side at both the top and bottom of the website. This is a simple and accurate search method that will return results from all pages on the site. If you are looking for multiple occurrences of an item on a single web page, pull down the “Edit” menu in the upper left corner of the browser to select “Find,” or simply press Ctrl+F.

How do I browse the information in the “News by Category” feature?

To view all entries for a specific college, department or subject, select a category from the “News by Category” drop-down menu at the top left (next to “Home”), or the “News by Category” menu in the right side bar. Clicking a link for the area chosen will show you all entries for that subject area. Clicking on an article heading will take you directly to a particular story.