Video Game Camp Introduces Youth to Animation Skills

Josh Payne of View Park Preparatory School, learns to create his own video games

Many parents think their children spend too much time playing video games, but a few have decided to help their offspring gain something constructive from their pastime. Students from local elementary and high schools enrolled this summer in the College of Extended and International Education’s … [Read more...]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation: CSUDH’s Youth Camps Deliver Art and Fun

Gyasi Rowe

While California State University, Dominguez Hills students are enjoying the summer off or attending one or two summer classes, the campus remains abuzz with activity. Numerous summer camps and programs through the College of Extended Education (CEE) offer area youth of all ages everything from … [Read more...]

Samuel Joey Alleyne: MPA Student Shapes Local Youth With Partnership Between Carson Nonprofit and University

Samuel Joey Alleyne, an M.P.A. student at California State University, Dominguez Hills, was able to watch life imitate art, instead of the other way around. Last semester on the Carson campus, the associate production manager and dance instructor for Positive Images of Self Expression (PISE), … [Read more...]