Richard Malamud: 2014 Outstanding Professor

In Hebrew, the surname Malamud translates to English as “teacher,” which makes Richard Malamud, professor of accounting, aptly named. A certified public accountant and tax lawyer, Malamud first got interested in teaching while working for the national accounting firm, Laventhol & … [Read more...]

Alumna Bree Nguyen Likes to Have a Plan

California State University, Dominguez Hills alumna Bree Nguyen (Class of ’12, B.S., business administration, finance) had a childhood wish to someday work in Hollywood’s film industry. Today, Nguyen’s wish has come true, although in an unexpected way. As a strategic partnerships manager for … [Read more...]

Second-Generation Toro Follows Family Tradition of Military Service

Petite and self-described as girlish, Kimberly Walker says few of her classmates at California State University, Dominguez Hills know she’s in the military. While that might be the case, soon, lawmakers and visitors to the State Capitol in Sacramento will be made aware of her service. The senior … [Read more...]

Franklin Strier: Shaky Future For Class Action Suits in Conservative Supreme Court

Franklin Strier had his editorial, “Don't deny justice to everyday folks; Supreme Court will hear two class action suits that may affect this legal avenue” published in Newsday in January. The emeritus professor of business law states that while class action suits have been an “iconic instrument of … [Read more...]

Tayyeb Shabbir: Professor of Finance Examines U. S. and East Asia in Aftermath of Global Downturn

Associate professor of finance Tayyeb Shabbir recently presented a paper titled “Impact on ‘East Asia:’ 1997-98 Asian Crisis vs. 2007-09 Global Financial Crisis” at the annual international conference of the Global Academy of Business and Economic Research (GABER) in New York in October. He … [Read more...]

Prakash Dheeriya: Never Too Early to Teach Kids About Managing Money

Professor of finance Prakash Dheeriya recently published "Finance For Kidz," a series of books that teach children about managing money, personal finance, and planning for the future. An expert on distressed markets, Dheeriya says that “Finance For Kidz” was inspired by his wish to prepare his … [Read more...]

Andrew Rafkin: Alumnus Reels in Literary Award with Story of Life and Death on the High Seas

When he was 19, Andrew Rafkin (Class of ’72, B.A., economics) was asked by a friend to take his place on his father’s commercial fishing boat on a four-day trip off the Santa Barbara coast. A storm of epic proportions arose during the voyage, with waves that reached 20 to 30 feet, placing him and … [Read more...]

Richard Malamud: Minding the Tax Gap

Professor of accounting and finance Richard Malamud had his article, “It’s Time to Do Something About the Tax Gap,” recently published in the most recent issue of the Houston Business and Tax Law Journal. The article, which he co-wrote with colleague Richard Parry of California State University, … [Read more...]

Richard Malamud: Ticking of the Tax Clock

Richard Malamud, professor of accounting and law, had his article, “Start the tick-tock of the five-year clock by contributing to a Roth,” published in the Dec. 1 issue of Spidell’s Elder Client Planner. The article addresses the tax advantage of opening a Roth IRA earlier then normal so that it can … [Read more...]