Gus Martin’s New Book: ‘Understanding Homeland Security’

Gus Martin

Offering valuable insight into the complexities of protecting the nation from both external and internal threats, C. Augustus (Gus) Martin’s textbook Understanding Homeland Security (Sage Publishing, June 2014) provides students and professionals a straightforward, modern-era exploration of this … [Read more...]

Marie Palladini: 2014 Lyle E. Gibson Dominguez Hills Distinguished Teacher

Marie Palladini

For 30 years, Marie Palladini was a federal law enforcement officer with the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife Service, working undercover to catch smugglers of endangered species and investigating all kinds of criminal cases involving wildlife, both in the field and as a manager. It was her … [Read more...]

Richard Malamud: 2014 Outstanding Professor

Richard Malamud

In Hebrew, the surname Malamud translates to English as “teacher,” which makes Richard Malamud, professor of accounting, aptly named. A certified public accountant and tax lawyer, Malamud first got interested in teaching while working for the national accounting firm, Laventhol & … [Read more...]

Thomas Norman: 2014 Outstanding Professor

Thomas Norman

An example of Thomas Norman’s dedication to California State University, Dominguez Hills and its students is where he chose to live—across the street from the campus. Little did Norman know in 2007 that this university would have such an impact on him. All but dissertation (ABD) in his doctoral … [Read more...]

Want to Share Your Produce? CSUDH Student Combines Entrepreneurship, Sustainability

brittany ford cover

Have you ever wanted to live life more simply, maybe in a community where everyone grew their own produce in an organic garden, and then share and trade it with their neighbors, all while living in homes powered entirely by naturally derived energy sources? Though it might sound impossible to … [Read more...]

Google Glass, Others Offer Business Students Insights into Cutting Edge Enterprise


Students along with faculty and staff from California State University, Dominguez Hills were given a glimpse into the future, if not through rose-colored glasses certainly through futuristic ones. David Zakariaie, CEO of Glassic, a private company that creates applications for Google Glass, … [Read more...]

CBAPP Hosts Successful Women Leaders Symposium

Women Leaders Symposium thumbnail

“Don’t ever underestimate confidence. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing at the moment, act like you do. Fake it until you can make it.” “Never let them see you sweat.” These are just some of the words of wisdom imparted to about 175 students, mostly women along with several men, from … [Read more...]

CBAPP Faculty Leads Management Education Development Program in Ethiopia

Cover-Ethiopian Herald

In some respects, when companies from countries outside of Africa open businesses in Ethiopia, it’s an economic opportunity for the developing nation. In other respects, such imported enterprises introduce a host of challenges, something Jim Katzenstein, a full-time lecturer of management at … [Read more...]

High-Tech CBAPP Financial Market Trading Lab Opens

Cover-CAPP ribbon cutting

Wall-to-wall continuously scrolling ticker tapes reporting real-time stock and financial activity. Over-sized monitors displaying up-to-the-moment financial news. The latest financial management software. These are some of the tools used by professional financial wizards, and now by business … [Read more...]

Alumna Janice Schill: Education Provides Pathway to Service as U.S. Diplomat


Throughout her husband’s nearly 30-year career as a United States diplomat in the State Department’s Foreign Service, Janice Schill gladly lived for years at a time in places where he was assigned, such as South Africa, China, Jordan, and Fiji. “I’ve traveled the world [with my husband Jim]... … [Read more...]