CSUDH Ranked 4th in California, 18th Nationally for Students’ ‘Overall Mobility’

Students of Dr. Fang Wang are studying the Zebrafish Zebra Fish for its medicinal purposes.

Chemistry students study Zebrafish for medical uses.

California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) has been ranked 4th among all California colleges and 18th nationally out of 2,137 colleges in the “Overall Mobility Index of students category in a comprehensive report released Jan. 18 by The Equity of Opportunity Project.

This category reflects both access and outcomes, representing the likelihood that a student at CSUDH would move up two or more “income quintiles.” The university was also ranked 8th out of 369 “selective public colleges” nationally in the category, and 2nd in the 23-campus California State University (CSU) system behind CSU Los Angeles.

The report and all its categories were made easily searchable online by the New York Times. The report was also featured by Times columnist David Leonhardt in his piece “America’s Great Working-Class Colleges.”

“This New York Times article is a welcome validation for the great work all of you [CSUDH campus community] are involved in every day,” said university President Willie J. Hagan, who quoted the column. “You should all be very proud to count yourselves among the ‘deeply impressive institutions that continue to push many Americans into the middle class and beyond—many more, in fact, than elite colleges that receive far more attention.’”

The mobility rates were defined as the percentage of its students who come from a family in the bottom fifth of the income distribution, and end up in the top fifth of the income distribution. The report found that some universities, such as CSUDH, with a much larger percentage of students from low-income families, have very high mobility rates, and high earnings outcomes that are closely comparable to students at highly selective colleges.

The Equity of Opportunity Project’s findings were derived from 30 million college students. The data was compiled from statistics on students’ earnings and their parents’ incomes for each college in the United States.


  1. Cool article. It’s so nice to know CSUDH ranked 4th. I hope more students get benefits from you and success

  2. Swayn Ericson nee Alcaraz says:

    I agree with Dr. Raphael the overall mobility index is impressive.

    She encouraged me at a time when my grades weren’t great. I chose to pursue an MA in her program rather than go into a very profitable pencil lead importing business with a kind new friend whose business has done significantly well.
    Unlike him, and many CSUDH diverse students and teachers who have come from very wealthy or less wealthy backgrounds- I have found several less lucrative but beneficial ways to improve my life and help me scale the wide range of social mobility. I have made from about $500 per year to close to $100,000 overall reported tax income for 1 year (as in 2011).

    CSUDH professors, provide positive results which frequently comes through the alumni and students alike. Results that are both personally rewarding and financially rewarding have allowed Californians and others in the U.S. in particular buy and pay off a nice house, a car etc. About 75% of individuals in the U.S. owns a house. I always felt very safe and comfortable at CSUDH- despite its very large area of diversity. It is located in Carson, California which boasts a large African-American population.

    Many CSUDH graduates have worked hard and achieved an “American Dream”. The aforementioned immigrant- representing diversity and success like many immigrant and non-immigrant CSUDH graduates are now both personally and financially successful. Like him, teachers at CSUDH are frequently experienced in their fields and share a common work ethic that insures confidentiality and regard for that which they put most of their time and energy into to help others improve their lives in some small way.

    CSUDH full-time professors of many different races, colors and creeds have shown the kind of consistency that transcends a story of an old burned up beret which can bring about ideas of affliction/s such as those one might have ventured into on a violent battlefield with or without civilians.

    CSUDH express opinions openly and support their perceptions with concrete evidence not with displays of open aggression- although one enjoyable professor used the word shit a time or two- the professors are real and optimistic.

    With a sea of opportunities at CSUDH- one is encouraged to venture into research that is potentially non-threatening and beneficial to the environment and individuals.
    I vividly see a time when my own loved ones faces have lit up at the sight of a
    beautiful animal at Long Beach Aquarium or a kind man singing in front of his wife and another time hearing of another loved one’s face lighting up with a glow while teaching at a school while being employed as an instructional aide- as indicated by other teachers who enjoyed her presence. This wealth of opportunity here in the U.S. to experience happiness is part of the American Dream.

    Of course 2 year and 4 year colleges in The U.S. all represent a plethora of opportunity to experience a diversity of students born in this country or born in other countries. All colleges in The U.S. are multicultural.

    Dr. Raphael, also an encouraging voice in my life- allowed me to enter her MA program

    Orange County College Instructors (3 colleges I’ve attended), El Camino College Instructors come from diverse backgrounds. Many of these instructors haven’t come from very priveleged means themselves and have moved up step by step within the educational field either as part-time instructors or full-time instructors. They consistently encourage the best in their students. I have seen both humility and a willingness to maintain honesty and integrity with students. Not once have I found full-time professors at CSUDH to be belittling or less than honest in answering difficult questions. Once, Dr. Vanterpool, indicated I think you might be closer to coming to an agreement than you (in regards to our class at the time) realize. When reminded of his comment to our class several years later- he indicated kindly and with a smile that I made his day. Thanks to CSUDH instructors and “think positive buddy” as well as stressful and difficult times with my own complexities handled by adult loved ones my focus on growth has remained intact. Thanks again CSUDH for sharing the results.

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  4. Sharon Raphael says:

    Great news. Always knew we helped our students achieve their dreams in careers and life.

  5. I maintain that California State University fulfills the mission of the CSU System more than any other university. I am so proud of our campus family.

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