Faculty Highlights, December 2016

Our faculty members participate in conferences around the world, conduct groundbreaking research, and publish books and journal papers that contribute to their field and highlight their expertise. We feature those accomplishments and more in this section.

 College of Arts and Humanities

Gilah Yelin HirschGilah Yelin Hirsch, professor of art, presented the talk “Imaging the Nature of Health Toward Social Harmony” during the 10th International Symmetry Society’s Triennial Congress-Festival titled, “SymmAdelaide 2016 – Symmetry & Social Harmony,” which took place Dec. 1-6 at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia. Hirsch will also present “Emanations, Radiance, and Glimmer,” an art exhibit opening at the POST Gallery in Los Angeles, Jan. 14 – Feb. 18, and  the exhibit “Women of Valor” at the American Jewish University, Los Angeles, Jan. 23 – May 23.

 College of Health, Human Services and Nursing

 Mark David MullerHealio, an orthotics and prosthetics news website, featured a Q&A with Mark Muller, chair of the Department of Orthotics and Prosthetics. The exchange covered Muller’s current orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) research, advice he would give to O&P students, and his upcoming work at CSUDH. In answering the latter, Muller stated, “We will begin to create new programs that will help to better define our profession.”

 College of Business Administration and Public Policy

Larry Press 2Larry Press, professor of information systems, penned a column for the website aNewDomain.net regarding Google signing a deal in Havana that brings Google Global Cache to Cuba. The piece describes how the technology giant will “gain a running start in Cuba and early recognition among Cubans who already use services such as “YouTube, Google Plus, Google Drive and Gmail, and click on ads.” Press also called the deal “good news” for President Barak Obama who announced the “détente” with Cuba in 2014, and for companies that have already been approved to do business on the island state before president-elect Donald Trump takes office.

Prakash DheeriyaProfessor of Finance Prakash L Dheeriya’s paper “On Evaluating Socially Responsible Investment Projects-Creation of an Index of ‘Goodness’” was published in the Journal of Business Inquiry (2017, 16, Issue 1). In the paper, Dheeriya describes how he created a mechanism to help decision makers evaluate investments that benefit society. Calling it the “index of the goodness” of a project that can help investors rank projects, the “mechanism” provides the percentage of human population that will benefit from such investments. It also helps users allocate capital to the most socially beneficial purposes by providing a comprehensive method for selecting among social projects.

 College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Associate professor of biology Terry McGlynn is this year's winner of the Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Award.

In his column “Being a Scholar in Trumpian Times,” which is posted on the website Vitae, Terry McGlynn, professor of biology, states that a Donald Trump presidency will make academics’ work “more difficult.” He points to four “responsibilities” they face as members of the academic community: continuing with research; teaching critical thinking; advocating for decision making that is evidence based; and the need to build diverse and inclusive academic communities. Vitae is an online academic community from The Chronicle of Higher Education designed just for faculty and administrators.

Recent quotes and/or interviews in the media from faculty

“If Google performance improves significantly, they will gain users who click on ads and use services like YouTube, Google Plus, Google Drive and Gmail. These payoffs would not come for some time, but eventually change will come to Cuba.” –Larry Press, professor of information systems, said in Lydia Beyoud’s article “Cuba, Google ink deal to boost services before Trump takes over” in Bloomberg BNA.

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