Faculty Highlights: March 2014

FacultyHighlightsOur faculty members participate in conferences around the world, conduct groundbreaking research, and publish books and journal papers that contribute to their field and highlight their expertise. We feature those accomplishments and more in this section.


College of Arts and Humanities

Gilah Yelin Hirsch, professor of art, will have her artwork shown in the Santa Monica Museum of Art’s annual “Ingognito 2014” exhibition and art sale on April 26 that features original works from 500 contemporary artists.

Jung-Sun Park, professor and coordinator of Asian Pacific studies, contributed an entry, “Korean Americans and Transnationalism,” in the recently published “Asian Americans: An Encylcopedia of Social, Cultural, Economic, and Political History” (Santa Barbara: Greenwood, 2013).

Park also served as an interviewer for Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET), a Japanese government-sponsored program to enhance internationalization in that country.


College of Education

Caron Mellblom-Nishioka, professor of special education in division of teacher education, was recently recognized as the 2013 Alumna of the Year in the Division of Communication Disorders, College of Health Sciences, University of Wyoming.

Anthony H. Normore, professor of educational leadership in the graduate education division, and chair of special education in the teacher division, was a contributing author to an article, “Community-Oriented Policing: The Power of Collaboration,” in Law Enforcement Today (February, 2014).


College of Health, Human Services and Nursing

Amer El-Ahraf, emeritus professor of health sciences, has been elected chair of the Board of Governors of the Egyptian American Organization (EAO). El-Ahraf was a former vice president of the organization and a past recipient (2010) of the EAO’s Outstanding Achievement Award, the highest form of recognition the EAO bestows on an Egyptian American for academic and professional accomplishments.


College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Thomas Landefeld, professor of biology and pre-health advisor, spoke to middle school children and their parents about his role as a pre-health advisor during Kaiser Permanente’s Hippocratics Circle, a physician careers mentoring program that was hosted on the CSU Dominguez Hills campus March 8. Students from the university’s Pre-Health Society served on a panel and talked about their experiences before and at CSU Dominguez Hills.

Landefeld also gave a research seminar, “Sex Hormones: From the Farm to the Lab to the Clinic” as part of a seminar series for science students, including MARC (Minority Access to Research Careers) scholars, at Alabama State University in March.

Ken Ganezer, professor of physics, has been working for nearly two decades with a team of physicists at the SuperKamiokande neutrino detector facility in Japan, and has involved students throughout the years. The team’s 18-year study on electron neutrino activity has found that more neutrinos from the sun reach the Earth’s surface at night than during the day. The study has been mentioned recently in Physics World (March 13, “SuperKamiokande finds that neutrinos change flavor at night”) and Physics Today (February, “To catch a solar neutrino, search at night”).


Expert Quotes

Recent quotes and/or media interviews in the media from faculty

“Most people think they know how to negotiate but actually lack fundamental skills, knowledge and protection. If somone decides to negotiate directly on their own behalf, they must be prepared to educate themselves about the relevant law and skilled negotiation.” — Nancy Erbe, professor of negotiation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, quoted in “Credit Counseling: What it is, How it Works, Credit Impact and More” (CardHub.com, March 2014)


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