Faculty Highlights: January 2014

FacultyHighlightsOur faculty members participate in conferences around the world, conduct groundbreaking research, and publish books and journal papers that contribute to their field and highlight their expertise. We feature those accomplishments and more in this section.


College of Arts and Humanities

Nancy Erbe, professor of negotiation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, wrote the sections on arbitration, mediation and the ombuds in the recently published two-volume reference book, “Consumer Survival: An Encyclopedia of Consumer Rights, Safety and Protection” (ABC-CLIO, November 2013).

Erbe also contributed the chapter “What School Leaders Do Not Know About Law Will Hurt Them and Others: The Importance of Quality Legal Counsel and Collaborative Skills” to “Educational Leadership for Ethics and Social Justice: Views from the Social Sciences” (IAP, 2014), a newly published book edited by Anthony H. Normore, professor of educational leadership in the graduate education division and chair of special education in the teacher education division.

Scott Morris, lecturer of music and coordinator of guitar studies, was featured on the Dec. 11 broadcast of Classical Guitar Alive, a radio show that airs on more than 200 radio stations in the U.S. and internationally. Morris was on the show to talk about his recent CD, “Phonology: The music of Erik Satie for Guitar.”

Laura Talamante, associate professor of history, has been awarded a Brown Foundation Fellowship Award to live and work at the Dora Maar House in Ménerbes, France, during the month of March, 2014. While there she will be working with researchers at Aix-Marseille Université, Lucien Faggion, a specialist in Italian and Mediterranean economic, social and political history, and Christophe Regina, a specialist in French judicial and women’s history, on a collaborative analysis (to become a book manuscript) of the very public and drawn-out divorce from 1769 to 1793 of Dame Rose-Michel Reynoir from Dominique-Barthélémy Cornet, Marseille’s consul for the Republic of Venice, as it relates to social and political reforms during the French Revolution.


College of Business Administration and Public Policy

Prakash Dheeriya, professor of finance, is a recipient of the 2014 Bharat Gaurav Award and Certificate of Excellence from the India International Friendship Society in New Delhi. The recognition is given to Indians who make a significant contribution worldwide in various fields.


College of Education

Anthony H. Normore, professor of educational leadership in the graduate education division and chair of special education in the teacher education division, was a contributing author to the article, “A New Way of Leading for the Law Enforcement Supervisor: An Adaptive Leadership Case Study” in the recent issue of The Police Chief  (January 2014).


College of Health, Human Services and Nursing

Scott Cheatham, assistant professor of kinesiology and director of pre-physical therapy program, authored and co-authored several scholarly journal articles during the fall semester: “Characteristics of Shoulder Impingement in the Recreational Weight-training Population” in Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (September 2013, ahead of print); “Hip Resurfacing: Current Concepts and Clinical Considerations” in Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation 29(4): 246-252; and a clinical commentary “Meralgia Paresthetica: A Review of the Literature” in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy 8(6): 888-893.


College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Noncontact Ultrasound Imaging Applied to Cortical Bone Phantoms,” the research of professor of physics Ken Ganezer, that was the first to be published on the subject of noncontact ultrasound applied to medicine with reproducible results (Medical Physics 39(6): 3124-33) was recently cited in a paper published in the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology.

On the significance of this citation, Ganezer said, “It is good to have our results confirmed, but now we at CSUDH may be in a race with research intensive institutions to develop the new medical imaging technique of noncontact ultrasound.”




normore book 2014


Anthony H. Normore, professor of educational leadership in the graduate education division and chair of special education in the teacher education division of the College of Education, co-edited “Educational Leadership for Ethics and Social Justice: Views from the Social Sciences” (IAP, 2014). The book, a volume in the publisher’s series “Educational Leadership for Social Justice,” examines the way educational leadership for social justice is conceptualized in several disciplines, including economics, anthropology, psychology, law, political science, sociology, interdisciplinary studies, black studies, and public policy, and suggests lessons could be learned that could improve the preparation and practice of school leaders.



Expert Quotes

Recent quotes and/or media interviews in the media from faculty

“Many young people carry their phones in their hands, so they can feel the vibration immediately. You can’t go from checking it every five minutes to checking it once an hour.” — Larry Rosen, professor of psychology, quoted in “4 reasons to give up social media for the holidays.” (USA TODAY College, Dec. 21, 2013)

“If going cold turkey makes you anxious, slowly extend the time between log-ins until you’re checking only once or twice a day.” Larry Rosen, professor of psychology, quoted in “How to make your New Year’s resolution stick.” (FITNESS Magazine/Yahoo Shine, Dec. 16, 2013)

“When you’re behind a glass screen, and you’re looking at that glass screen, all you see is a reflection of yourself,” he said. “You don’t see that person on the other end. Or the people.” — Larry Rosen, professor of psychology, quoted in “Facebook posts lands Torrance special-education teacher in hot water.” (Daily Breeze, Dec. 13, 2013)

“Well over 113 applied for that program, and we only serve 20 nurse practitioners.” — Catherine Earl, director of the School of Nursing, quoted in “Nursing students being turned away amid faculty shortage in Cal State system” (Daily Breeze, Dec. 1, 2013).

“I don’t think most of the avid users will be able to stay away. I don’t think those people are going to care whether they’re upsetting anybody.” — Larry Rosen, professor of psychology, quoted in “Phones on a plane: To call or not to call” (CNN.com, Nov. 23, 2013).

“Most people who get into this field want to do some kind of making a difference in their career.” — Scott Hornbeak, coordinator of the Orthotic and Prosthetic Program, quote in “Cal State University system helps veterans move from battlefield to classrooms” (Press-Telegram, Nov. 8, 2013)

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