Dr. Willie J. Hagan Named Permanent President of CSU Dominguez Hills


The California State University Board of Trustees appointed Dr. Willie J. Hagan as the permanent president of California State University, Dominguez Hills, effective immediately. Hagan has served as interim president since June 2012.

“To say I am honored to have been appointed as president of CSU Dominguez Hills would be an understatement,” Hagan said. “I look forward to continuing to work with our gifted faculty, dedicated staff, and inspirational students to advance this remarkable institution and our students.”

Comments from faculty and staff

Hagan’s leadership at CSU Dominguez Hills in the past 11 months has been marked with an unwavering commitment toward student academic success and focused on dramatically improving graduation rates and time to degree. He successfully increased transparency in university governance and identified and reallocated university resources to support strategic priorities, including investing in faculty and staff hiring, instructional and laboratory equipment, information technology, and proven high-impact student success programs.

Before coming to CSU Dominguez Hills, Hagan served as interim president at CSU Fullerton effectively moving the campus forward during a time of significant transition. He initially joined Fullerton in 1996 as vice president for administration and subsequently served as vice president of university advancement from 2000 to 2003, and from 2005 to 2011 as chief financial officer and vice president of administration and finance, overseeing Fullerton’s $380 million business enterprise and successfully leading the campus during a period of unprecedented state budget instability and record enrollment growth.

“President Hagan had done an exceptional job of working with faculty, staff and students and engaging the community during his service as interim president,” said CSU Board of Trustee Chair Bob Linscheid. “His leadership skills will be a key asset to the university as it continues to grow and meet the needs of the community.”

Hagan holds a doctorate in psychology from the University of Connecticut and a Master of Fine Arts degree from University of California, Los Angeles. Before his tenure in the CSU, he served as associate vice president for administration at the University of Connecticut, and as a government relations representative for that institution and the Connecticut Board of Governors of Higher Education at the state and federal level.

Comments from Campus

“My deepest congratulations to you.  I look forward to working with you to make our university a vibrant educational institution.  This is a very good day for CSU Dominguez Hills.”Jerry Moore, professor of anthropology and chair of Academic Senate

“Congratulations to all of us. Stability of leadership will be a good thing for the campus and by extension even for the whole CSU system.”Jim Hill, professor of physics

“I send Congratulations again to you, thanking you for reaching out to the staff personally, with an extended arm, shaking the hands of those who need a reminder, that at this campus, California State University, Dominguez Hills, everyone matters.”Lisa Denice Langford, administrative coordinator, Special Education Master’s and Credential Programs

“This is great news for our campus community. Congratulations on your appointment.”Jonathon Grasse, associate professor of music

“Outstanding!  We DEFINITELY got the best man for the job. Congratulations Dr. Hagan for being recognized for ALL of the great work that you’ve done this year and for the direction you’re taking us. It had to have been impossible for the Chancellor’s Office not to recognize all that you and your team have accomplished in the brief time you’ve been with us.”John Davis, chair of Multiple-/Single-Subject Programs

“This is great news for the CSUDH. The level of care that you give to the University, but specifically speaking as a staff member, is very much appreciated.”Joni Johnson, administrative support staff, Child Development Program

“Thanks for bringing so many positive contributions to our campus in the short time you’ve been here, and we all look forward to working together to make DH the very best it can possibly be.”Janine Gasco, professor of anthropology

“I’ve never seen such a consensus across the campus as I have for the total support of President Willie J. Hagan as the perfect fit to lead our campus!”Cheryl McKnight, director Service Learning, Internships and Civic Engagement

On behalf of the Department of Management and Marketing faculty, I wish to join with our other colleagues in congratulating you on your appointment. I have received several calls and messages today expressing faculty and staff excitement about this news and I agree that this is wonderful news for our college, the university and the South Bay.” —Thomas J. Norman, acting associate dean, College of Business Administration and Public Policy; chair of Department of Management and Marketing

Congratulations on your appointment as permanent President of CSUDH.  Others have talked of making this a great university.  In the short time you’ve been here, you’ve not only talked but began instituting various measures and programs in ways we had not seen in the past  showing your support and faith in all of us to succeed in making this a greater university.  We all look forward to working together under your inspired leadership!” — Naomi Moy, campus coordinator, Affordable Learning Solutions

Congratulations! This is a great day for CSUDH. Your appointment makes me even more optimistic about our university’s future.” — Jim Jeffers, professor of history

On behalf of the Sociology Department’s students, faculty, and staff, congratulations and the best of luck!” — La Tanya Skiffer, associate professor of criminology

With overwhelming joy, the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management would also like to congratulate you on becoming the permanent president of this great campus! We are confident that under your leadership, many productive years are ahead of us!” —Myron Sheu, professor and chair of information systems and operations management

Congratulations, we are very happy that Chancellor White meant it when he said “message received” during his campus visit.   You have shown your leadership and commitment to everyone on this campus, not with just words, but with decisive and appreciated action.  It’s great to see that our voices are heard and can bring positive change.” —Nathlyn Hirohama, network analyst, Information Technology


  1. Naomie Curry-Webb says:

    Congratulations Dr. Hagan !

    Thank you for continuing the wonderful work that you are executing.
    We look forward to partnering with you and the university.

    You are a blessing to the community and the university system at large.
    We look forward to meeting with you.

    N. Curry-Webb
    Windsor Hills Christian Book Center
    4438 West Slauson Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90043

    Tel: (323) 290-3079

  2. Julie Stokes says:

    Congratulations President Hagan!!!

  3. Democrat Country says:

    What a wonder asset to have. Glad that you are continuing with your commitment to the CSU Family. Welcome to Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA. Go Toros!

  4. Don Lee Manning says:

    Congratulations and well deserved President Hagan

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