2013 Faculty Awards Reception Honors Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service

Honorees Mary Lou Cappel, Matt Mutchler, Naomi Moy and Christopher Monty.

In front of an estimated 100 colleagues, supporters, and students, four individuals were presented with the university’s highest honors bestowed to faculty, and 46 faculty members—with service ranging from 5 to 30 years—were recognized for their 430 combined years of service commitment to the university and its students during the California State University, Dominguez Hills Faculty Awards Reception held on March 14 on the fifth floor of the University Library South Wing.

“That’s 430 years of helping students achieve their dreams, transforming their lives and the lives of their families and their communities. That’s 430 years of an opportunity to take vicarious joy in the success of our students,” said University Interim President Willie J. Hagan.

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Ramon Torrecilha echoed Hagan’s sentiments before presenting awards to four outstanding faculty members.

“Your influence does not diminish when our students graduate and move on,” Torrecilha said to attending faculty, explaining that students long remember instructors who have inspired them to become scientists, doctors, lawyers, dancers, musicians, business owners, educators, and even parents and mentors.

He added, “Thank you for the work that you do on behalf of our students and our institution.”

Christopher Monty, assistant professor of history, was presented with the 2013 Lyle E. Gibson Dominguez Hills Distinguished Teacher Award, given in recognition of a faculty member’s exemplary teaching in their field, and his or her active interest in presenting that material in new and creative ways that generate intellectual enthusiasm among their students and help them progress.

Thanking his colleagues in the history department, Monty said, “All of my efforts to promote student success have been part of a truly collective effort to improve the history program at CSUDH.”

He went on to say, “I believe that I became a better teacher only when I was asked to conceptualize my course-based instructional activities in terms of a larger departmental effort to provide students with the transformative learning experience and a meaningful and vibrant student experience. I became a good teacher then by working with my colleagues to do two things: To build a stronger sense of community within the history program and to promote a standard of academic achievement among our students.”

Matt Mutchler celebrates with research students and University Interim President Willie J. Hagan at the 2013 Faculty Awards Reception.

The Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award, which acknowledges the professional activities in which faculty engage that demonstration their position as experts in their disciplines as well as play an important role the intellectual stimulation and motivation for student learning, was presented to Matt Mutchler, associate professor of sociology and director of the Urban Community Research Center on campus.

“It has been my experience that Cal State Dominguez Hills really strongly values community partnerships, especially student engagement in research,” he said. “And so I want to be sure that I do thank the Leaves and Honors Committee members for the award, and I want to thank the Provost and President Hagan, and also my colleagues here, who have been part of all this work. I want to thank the [student] research team. Because it really does take a community to do community research.

Mutchler emphasized that students have made the research better and more useful to the community, saying “I must say also that working with students is really a true privilege. … We couldn’t do the work we are doing without your help and your involvement.”

Two faculty members, Mary Lou Cappel, professor of recreation and leisure studies, and Naomi Moy, former director of reference services for the University Library, were presented with the Excellence in Service Award for their contributions to the institutional growth of CSU Dominguez Hills, as well as professional activities that extend beyond the walls of the university.

“If you know me well, you know I really like medals,” said Cappel, who started running competitively and earning medals as an adult. “And now I’m receiving a medallion that represents 27 years of service to CSU Dominguez Hills, which in itself has been a very long race. It’s definitely bigger than a medal… and it has a lot more significance.”

Of her service award, Moy asserted, “This award is about the university, the faculty, the bookstore as well as the CSU working together to provide low-cost and no-cost learning resources for our students.”

For full profiles of the 2013 Faculty Awards recipients see:

Christopher Monty, 2013 Lyle E. Gibson Distinguished Teacher Award recipient

Matt Mutcher, 2013 Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award recipient

Mary Lou Cappel, 2013 Excellence in Service Award recipient

Naomi Moy, 2013 Excellence in Service Award recipient

Additionally 198 faculty members were recognized during the reception for their participation in the Affordable Learning Solutions initiative, which is coordinated through the University Library and offers information and assistance to faculty seeking to provide their students with alternative low-cost course materials. To see a list of participating faculty, click here.

The 2013 Faculty Awards reception was sponsored by the Division of Academic Affairs, Academic Senate, the Emeritus Faculty Association, and by outside sponsor Shell Oil Company.


College of Arts and Humanities

5 years: Christopher Monty, assistant professor of history; Doris Ressl, coordinator and assistant professor of dance; Pamela Robinson, assistant chair of liberal studies and coordinator of integrated option and; Sharon Sharp, assistant professor of communications; Laura Talamante, assistant professor of history

10 years: Michele Bury, associate professor of art and design; Munashe Furusa, acting dean of the college of arts and humanities; Jon Hauss, professor of English; David Sherman, associate professor of English

15 years: Cyril E. Zoerner, chair of English

30 years: David W. Bradfield, professor of music, and digital media arts; George S. Vinovich, chair and professor of digital media arts


College of Business Administration and Public Policy

5 years: Thomas J. Norman, acting associate dean of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy, professor of management; Marie Palladini, professor of public administration


College of Extended and International Education

5 years: Patricia Cherin, coordinator of humanities external degree M.A. program; Antonia Lahera, lecturer of graduate education


College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

5 years: John Carvalho, assistant professor of biology; Terrence McGlynn, associate professor of biology; Katy Pinto, assistant professor of sociology; Ariana Pitchon, assistant professor of anthropology; Jose Prado, assistant professor of sociology

10 years: Jianchao Han, associate professor of computer science; James Hill, chair of academic senate and associate professor of physics; Matthew G. Jones, professor of mathematics; John Keyantash, chair and associate professor of earth sciences; Wai Yan Pong, professor of mathematics; Lihung Pu, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry; Serban Raianu, professor of mathematics; Myron Sheu, professor of information system and operations management; Clare Weber, associate professor of sociology, faculty advisor of the older adult center

15 years: Brendan McNulty, professor of earth sciences

30 years: George A. Jennings, acting chair of mathematics


College of Professional Studies

5 years: Terri Ares, lecturer and parent-child clinical nurse specialist advisor of nursing; Lauren Outland, assistant professor of nursing; Yan-hua Huang, associate professor of occupational therapy; Tri Huu Le, lecturer of human services; Trina O’Quinn, lecturer and field coordinator of marital and family therapy; Kimberley Radmacher, assistant professor of child development; Julie Ann Seguin, assistant professor of special education

10 years: Linda Goldman-Levine, RN MSN FNP of nursing; Adrieanna Mancillas, professor of graduate education; Claudia Peyton, associate professor of occupational therapy; Denna Sanchez, psychologist of career center

15 years: Leena Furtado, director of promoting excellence in graduate studies title v grant (PEGS) and professor of graduate education; Diane Hembacher, professor of education

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