Africana Studies Faculty Promote Published Work at Book Signing

Rudy Vanterpool and Salim Faraji.

Published authors from the Department of Africana Studies faculty hosted a book-signing event on Feb. 19 in Loker Student Union, as part of the celebration of Black History Month at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Rudy Vanterpool, emeritus professor of philosophy and Africana studies, presented two books, “Speak My Soul: Poems on Migrations and Returns of a Native Son” (AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Indiana, 2011) and “In Job’s Sandals” (Vantage Press, Inc., New York, 2010), a philosophical exploration of biblical stories.

“I’ve always been interested in religion as an aspect of my philosophy. I am doing some writing on books of the Bible that are poetic by design,” Vanterpool said. “Some of them are rather controversial in the sense of understanding why this stuff is in the Bible.”

Jolandra Davis.

Jolandra Davis, a lecturer of Africana studies, showcased her novel “Butterfly Jar” (Dancingquills Industries, Inglewood, 2012), which she says is a coming-of-age story about protagonist Tanis Sutton, a “10-year-old girl who dreams of having straight hair, happy parents, and an ice-cream colored house on the west side of town,” and shares the experience of growing up Black in Los Angeles during the early ’90s. The book is for teen and adult readers.

Salim Faraji, chair and professor of Africana studies, presented two parenting guide books that he co-authored, “The Plan: A Guide for Women Raising African American Boys from Conception to College” and its companion piece, “The Plan: Workbook” (Third World Press, Chicago, Illinois, 2013).

Faraji is also the author of a text he wrote based on more than 25 years of research, “Roots of Nubian Christianity Uncovered: The Triumph of the Last Pharaoh” (African World Press, Trenton, New Jersey, 2012). He said it is a reference not only for Nubian history, but archeology, history, African history, and linguistics.

Selected books authored by university faculty are available through the University Bookstore.



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