Faculty Highlights: January 2013

Our faculty members participate in conferences around the world, conduct groundbreaking research, and publish books and articles that contribute to their field and highlight their expertise. We feature those accomplishments in this section.

College of Arts and Humanities

Nancy Erbe, professor of negotiation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, was the guest speaker at the International Conference on Non-Violent Protest Movement: Forms, Techniques and Relevance, which took place at S.S. Jain Subodh P.G. College in Jaipur, India, January 7-9, and was sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research and the University Grants Commission of India. She addressed more than 350 political science faculty from universities throughout India and delegates from 12 countries. She also lectured to judges and 300 attorney-mediators at the Delhi High Court, the School on Gandhi at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and four universities.

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Hamoud Salhi, associate professor of political science, was invited to join a panel of experts discussing American foreign policy and the Arab Spring at a geostrategic forum organized by Algerian newspaper El Moudjahid, which took place on Jan 15 in Algiers, Algeria. Salhi was quoted in a number of articles reporting on the forum by various Algerian news agencies, including the sponsoring newspaper, L’Expression DZ, Liberte, and BBC Africa. (All linked articles are in French.)

College of Professional Studies

Nop Ratanasiripong, assistant professor of nursing was interviewed by the American Nurses Association’s official publication, The American Nurse, about her research on college women’s knowledge of the human papillomavirus and the HPV vaccine, work she began as a student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Ratanasiripong was the recipient of the 2011 American Nurses Foundation research grant and was named the foundation’s Virginia Kelley Scholar.




Salim Faraji, associate professor and chair of Africana studies, co-wrote “The Plan: A Guide for Women Raising African American Boys from Conception to College” (Third World Press, 2013) and its companion workbook, which aim to help mothers “raise boys to become educated and successful men.”





Expert Quotes

Recent quotes in the media from faculty

“It can be as superficial as someone who is self-conscious about their appearance and doesn’t like to meet people in a real-life setting. They might be shy, and they try to put out a very attractive picture of themselves. That’s sort of the lowest end of it, and it ranges all the way up to the people who are malicious and cruel and want to see someone hurt.” – Nancy Cheever, associate professor and chair of communications, quoted in “Why Would Someone Create a Fake Online Personality?” (Jan. 18, CBSNews.com) regarding the fake girlfriend controversy involving Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o.

“Tremendous investment would be needed to deliver anything like modern internet connectivity to a broad segment of the population,” – Larry Press, professor of information systems and operations management, quoted in “Cuba Internet: Wired, But Not Connected” (Jan 24, Globalpost.com), and “Cuban Internet Access Crawls Toward 21st Century, But Not There Yet”  (Jan 26, International Business Times).

“Some are opting to let go of it all, which fails miserably within 24 hours or so while others are learning to cut back. But it is difficult. There is always something more to read, a link to follow, a ‘Like’ to click, a comment to make, a status update to post and so on.” – Larry Rosen, professor of psychology, quoted in “Exhausted By Social Media? It May Be Time For a Breakup” (Jan. 27, American Statesman)

“(Summers’) affiliation with peer-to-peer lending will enhance the credibility of the new, emerging platform for financial intermediation.”– Tayyeb Shabbir, professor of accounting and finance, quoted in “Summers’ Post to Lending Club Board Sign of Banking Apocalypse” (Dec. 16, 2012, BanklessTimes.com) on Dr. Larry Summers,  former Obama economic adviser and Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton, joining the peer-to-peer Lending Club’s board of directors.

“Until there’s a crack in the armour, people don’t consciously go and look for one. We want someone to look up to.” – Melissa St. James, associate professor of marketing, quoted in “Armstrong Doping ‘Another Brick in the Wall of Public Cynicism’” (Jan. 18, various Post Media Network publications including The Gazette, The Star Phoenix and Ottawa Citizen)


Faculty members are encouraged to send accomplishments for publication in Dateline to abentleysmith@csudh.edu


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