Dheeriya, Prakash

Prakash DheeriyaPrakash Dheeriya, Ph.D.

Title: Professor of Finance
Finance and Accounting

Areas of Expertise

Finance, Financial Planning, Stock Markets-International

Professional Background

Dr. Dheeriya has taught finance at all levels for over 25 years. His popular series of children’s books, Finance for Kidz, explains complicated financial concepts through children’s stories.

Dheeriya speaks at professional conferences, rotary clubs, practitioner conferences and academic conferences on various financial topics.


Ph. D. Finance, University of North Texas (1987)

M.M.S. Finance, University of Bombay

B.Com., University of Bombay


English, Sindhi, Hindi.

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Email Address: pdheeriya@csudh.edu
Office: (310) 243-3350
Cell: (310) 347-5424

Contact Preference: Email