Staff Awards Honor Service and Excellence

Interim President Willie Hagan stands behind a gathering of some of the 2012 10-year staff members (l to r) Juliamin Kawibowo, Mary Ann Rodriquez, Renee Gaston, Rachel Young, Kathleen Goss, Dylan Lewis, and Lashun Westbrooks

Celebrating a total of 1,350 years of service, 121 California State University, Dominguez Hills staff members where recognized for five-year milestones ranging from five to 40 years at the staff awards reception held on Sept. 27, in the Loker Student Union.

“Events like this are very important… because they remind us that it’s critical to take the time to reflect with pride of the job that all of you do here at this university,” said University Interim President Willie Hagan. “I encourage all of you, as I try to remind myself on a daily basis, to spend your time, to do your job, and live your life in such a way that when you so look back on your time here at Dominguez Hills you look back proud of what you’ve accomplished and proud of what you helped the university accomplish, because, again, a tremendous amount of work is being done here.”

Few staff members can look back at more years at the university than Steven Kadota. The Bellflower resident came to the university at 18, shortly after graduating from Carson High School, where he studied horticulture. Although he followed in the footsteps of his late father Tom Kadota, who was also served as a university groundsworker from 1970 to 1986, he surpassed his father’s tenure by 24 years. Since he began as a groundsworker in 1971, Kadota has seen many people come and go and has worked under several university presidents. He said that he found meeting people to be the most rewarding aspect of his job.

Vice President of Administration & Finance Mary Ann Rodriguez and Interim President Willie Hagan present Steven Kadota with a certificate for 40 years of service.

During his career, Kadota has cared for the landscaping surrounding the social and behavior sciences (SBS) and natural science and mathematics (NSM) buildings, including the Greg Smith Memorial Garden. However, he noted that early on things looked a lot different.

“When I first started here, there were hardly any buildings. They started building about 1974 or ’75. But it was mostly empty lands and the small college was across the street. There was nothing but open land,” he recalled, offering a caveat, “My job takes more time now. We have to cover more acres.”

Kadota was honored to cap off his career with recognition for his 40 years of service.

“This is the most important event I’ve [been to] so far on this campus, staff recognition,” he said, adding, “I’m retiring on July first.”

A decade shy of Kadota’s term, 30-year CSU Dominguez Hills veteran and associate dean of the College of Extended and International Education Joanne Zitelli remembers how her career and the campus have evolved.

Interim President Willie Hagan is flanked by a few of the 2012 five-year staff members (l to r) Amy Bentley-Smith, Benjamin Boish, Karen Wall, Elcee Teng, Adriana Godoy, Glenda Ann Sturdivant, and Natalie Lockhart.

Originally interested in teaching at a time when few teaching positions available, she instead applied and was hired as director for the summer session, something she had prior experience doing at an associate director level.

“The first summer session registration I ran, it was pouring rain. Students had to line up outside the SBS building. This was way before computer-based registration. We had punch cards. Of course the machine broke down three times,” Zitelli recounted.

After five years as the summer session director, Zitelli transferred to teaching for the following 15 years in the English and humanities departments, and the humanities external degree program. She went on to be the coordinator of the humanities external program from 1999 to 2000, and has since been the associate dean of extended education.

“The recognition leads me to think about how I’ve seen this institution expand over the past 30 years. Many of the things that made it great 30 years ago are still great,” Zitelli said. “The CSU is really a special institution. The opportunities it provides and the quality of education that students can receive is really outstanding for a public institution. It’s really been an honor to be a part of something like that.”

Janie Macharg (center) receives the MPP Outstanding Collaboration Award from Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Susan Borrego and Interim President Willie Hagan.

In addition to milestone awards, staff members and managers—nominated by their peers—were recognized for outstanding contributions to the university. Claudia Melena-Orozco, administrative assistant of the Master of Social Work program, was honored for outstanding customer service, and William Jenkins, TV production manager of the Digital Media Arts department, was recognized for outstanding educational support. Each received $1,000 as part of their award. Toby Bushee, director, Events and Donor Stewardship, was awarded the MPP award for outstanding leadership, and Janie Macharg, director of Student Health and Psychological Services, was honored for outstanding collaboration, and each received $500 as part of their award.

“These individuals exemplify what it means to be a Dominguez Hills staff member or manager, going above and beyond and consistently putting our students first in their activities,” said Hagan. “Thank you from me personally and also thank you on behalf of our students. Your dedication and service both individually and collectively is critical for our student success.

“The ultimate mission of this university is to educate and develop our students. And we’re all part of that process. The mission of this university does not happen and cannot be accomplished without the people in this room.”


5 Years of Service
Cheryl A. Atienza, Special Assistant to the Dean for Special Projects, College of Professional Studies
Monica Barbosa, Office Clerk, California Academy of Mathematics & Sciences
Amy E. Bentley-Smith, Associate Director, University Communications & Public Affairs
Benjamin A. Boish, Compensation & Training Manager, Human Resources Management
Tiffany R. Bolling, Credential Analyst, Student Services Center, College of Professional Studies
Kaye C. Bragg, Acting AVP for Academic Programs and Faculty Development, Academic Affairs
Michael S. Casner, Coordinator of International Training Programs, College of Extended & International Education
Karla M. Castillo, Office Coordinator, Office of Student Life
Samuel Castruita, Administrative Support Coordinator I, Occupational Therapy Program, College of Professional Studies
Martin C. Castro, Records Specialist, Records & Registration
Peter E. Chance Jr., Groundsworker, Physical Plant
Versie D. Cook, Administrative Support Coordinator II, School of Education, College of Professional Studies
Narayana Darst, Health Educator, Student Health & Psychological Services
Dianne Davila, Dean’s Office Assistant, College of Extended & International Education
Carole Desgroppes, Marketing and Assessments Manager, Loker Student Union
Jami P. Enosara, Development Office Assistant, Development
Guillermo Espinoza, Police Officer, University Police
William Franklin, Associate Vice President, Student Success Services
David A. Gamboa, Director, Government & Community Relations
Adriana Godoy, Administrative Support Assistant II, Center for Service Learning, Internships and Civic Engagement
Myra A. Gomez, Administrative Support Coordinator, University Outreach & Information Services
Noemi Gonzalez, Coordinator, Noyce Scholars Program
Ian Nathanial Gould, Police Officer, University Police
Ramiro Guerrero, Police Officer, University Police
Kenneth B. Harrison, Mail Clerk, Mail Services
Gilbert E. Hernandez, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Management
Judy H. Ibrahim, Administrative Support Coordinator, Political Science Department, College of Arts & Humanities
Carin Jacobs, Costume Designer, Department of Theatre Arts & Dance, College of Arts and Humanities
Yudi Jimenez, Cook, Campus Dining Services
Joni F. Johnson, Administrative Support Staff, Child Development Program, College of Professional Studies
Mark A. Kerr Jr., Academic Advisor, University Advisement Center
Brenda K. Knepper, Director, University Communications & Public Affairs
Michellena Lakey, Programs & Leadership Training Manager, Associated Students, Inc.
Richele K. Lee-Lewis, Contract Specialist III, Procurement, Contracts, Logistical, Facilities Leasing & Support Services
Natalie A, Lockhart, Compliance Coordinator, Athletics Department
Sonia Magallon, Catering, Campus Dining Services
Michelle Martinez, Director, McNair Scholars Program
Arthur J. Nickpee, Parking Officer, Parking Services
Bill K. Ota, Gardening Specialist, Physical Plant
Derek D. Ozaki, Dispatcher, University Police
Elizabeth Pulido-Cervantes, Teacher, Infant-Toddler Development Center
Martha A. Palma, Cashier, Cashier’s Office
Angela Phan, Trust Accountant I, Accounting
Jonathan C. Scheffler, Director, Physical Plant
Ingrid M. Shipp, Information Specialist, Student Services Center, College of Professional Studies
Laura Solano, Cook, Campus Dining Services
Miya Y. Smith, Assistant to the Dean and Associate Dean, College of Natural & Behavioral Sciences
Lisa M. Stallworth, Research Analyst, Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning
Glenda Ann Sturdivant, Program Assistant, Career Center
Gwendolyne D. Taylor, Academic Resource Manager, College of Business Administration & Public Policy/College of Arts & Humanities
Elcee Teng, Payroll Manager, Payroll Services
Daniel E. Thompson, Police Officer, University Police
Wayne E. Timmerman, Program Assistant, Intramurals
Ramiro Tovar, Police Officer, University Police
Stephanie Valencia, Financial Aid Processor, Financial Aid Office
Eugenia Verduzco, Office Manager, Infant-Toddler Development Center
Karen Wall, Associate Vice President, Administration & Finance
Jason K. Wallace, Site Manager Steward, Desert Studies Center, College of Natural & Behavioral Sciences
Erika Zamora, Evaluator I, School of Education College of Professional Studies

10 Years of Service
Luisito C. Amador, Acting Associate Director, Student Life and Veteran Student Programs
Emelda Becerra, Manager, Budget Planning & Administration
Ben M. Bodnar, IT Consultant, Desktop Support, Information Technology
Clyde Bustamante, Clerical Assistant I/Receptionist, Foundation
Ascucena I. Cervantes Davila, Program Coordinator, Office of Student Life
Jherilyn Crisostomo, Advisor, Liberal Studies Department, School of Education, College of Professional Studies
Melissa Davidson, Catering Coordinator, Campus Dining Services
Jerry G. Finch, Locksmith, Physical Plant
Enrique Galan-Ibanez, Cook, Campus Dining Services
Renee Gaston, Administrative Support Coordinator, Student Health & Psychological Services
Craig A. Geber, Associate Director, Research & Funded Projects
Kathleen Goss, Groundsworker, Physical Plant
Lorna Johnson, Student Financial Services Representative/Collections, Student Financial Services
Juliamin Kawibowo, IT Online Specialist, College of Business Administration & Public Policy
Lisa D. Langford, Administrative Coordinator I, Division of Teacher Education, School of Education, College of Professional Studies
Dylan J. Lewis, Audio/Video Media Specialist, Instructional Media Center, Information Technology
Michael Li, Coordinator, Departmental Copier Program, PCLASS
Nethia Masiak, Nurse Practitioner, Student Health & Psychological Services
Samira Mijangos, Custodian, Physical Plant
Gilbertea J. Mikel, Payroll Technician, Payroll Services
Sanjay K. Mishra, Drafting Technician II, Physical Plant
Susana Montano, Conference Coordinator, University Housing
Mary Ann Rodriguez, Vice President, Administration & Finance
Mark S. Seigle, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Management
Gregory L. Simons, Custodian, Physical Plant
Lashun R. Westbrooks, Financial Aid Processor, Financial Aid Office
Sonya T. Winfield, Benefits Assistant, Human Resources Management
Rachel D. Young, Custodian, Physical Plant

15 Years of Service
Nicole D. Ballard, Program Advisor, College of Extended & International Education
Carol A. Bosman-Anderson, Director, Career Center
Daryl R. Evans, Undergraduate Advisor, Business Advisement & Student Services, College of Business Administration & Public Policy
Ineki L. Fike, Advisor, Business Advisement & Student Services, College of Business Administration & Public Policy
Dan Hoang, Accounting Manager, Foundation
Farhad Mansouri, Lead IT Consultant, Desktop Support, Information Technology
Edward R. Milceki, Director, American Language & Culture Program, College of Extended & International Education
Tonie Mills, Coordinator/Advisor, Student Services Center, School of Health & Human Services, College of Professional Studies
Karen J. Mossiah, Instructional Support Tech & Production Coordinator, Communications Department & The Bulletin, College of Arts & Humanities
Alejandro Quintero, Groundsworker, Physical Plant
William T. Reddick, Dispatcher, University Police
Khanh H. Vanpetten, Financial Manager, College of Natural & Behavioral Sciences
Monica Wells, Teacher, Infant-Toddler Development Center

20 Years of Service
Kamal Amir-Heshmat, Lead IT Consultant, Labs & New PC Technology, Information Technology
Ayesha Marcel, Administrative Operations Coordinator, University Housing
Angela Sneed, Primary Teacher, Infant-Toddler Development Center

25 Years of Service
Thora D. Davison, Administrative Support Coordinator, Analyst/Programmer Student Information Services
Nicholas Gallegos, Painter, Physical Plant
Yvonne Green, Acting Site Director, Child Development Center
Margarita M. Lopez, Administrative Support Coordinator, Mathematics Department, College of Natural & Behavioral Sciences
Geraldine J. Mitchell, Administrative Support Assistant II, Student Health & Psychological Services
Donald E. Redford, Lead Groundsworker, University Housing Services
Melodee A. Wilcox, Administrative Support Coordinator, Digital Media Arts and Music Department, College of Arts & Humanities

30 Years of Service
Garret R. Greene, Instructional Support Technician, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, College of Natural & Behavioral Sciences
Sylvia D. Lovett, Petitions Evaluator, Records & Registration
Kathy L. Zimmerer-McKelvie, Director, University Art Gallery
Joanne J. Zitelli, Associate Dean, College of Extended & International Education

35 Years of Service
Garry C. Jacobs, Manager of Production Operations, Mediated Instruction & Distance Learning, College of Extended & International Education
Janice A. Kawaminami, Secretary, English Department, College of Arts & Humanities
Clifton Van Doren, Laborer, Physical Plant

40 Years of Service
Steven Kadota, Groundsworker, Physical Plant

Nominees for Excellence in Customer Service Award
Tiffany Bull-Edlin, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Albert Carpenter, Academic Affairs
Vanessa Cervantes, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Claudia Melena-Orozco, Academic Affairs

Nominees for Outstanding Education Support Award
William Jenkins, Academic Affairs
Michael Little, Administration & Finance

Nominees for MPP Outstanding Leadership Award
Jonathan C. Scheffler, Administration & Finance
Toby Bushee, University Advancement

Nominees for MPP Outstanding Collaboration Award
Janie Macharg, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs


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