Faculty Highlights: October 2012

Our faculty members participate in conferences around the world, conduct groundbreaking research, and publish books and articles that contribute to their field and highlight their expertise. We feature those accomplishments in this section.


College of Arts and Humanities

Nancy Erbe, professor in negotiation, conflict resolution & peacebulding, presented “Preparing K12 Students to Make Decisions about Climate Change/Climate Justice” with NCRP student Mary Ann Alexeeff at “Anticipating Climate Disruption: Sustaining Justice, Greening Peace,” the Annual Conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association at Tufts University.

Gilah Yelin Hirsh, professor of art, will be among the artists whose work will be shown at the USC Hillel Art Gallery exhibit “40/40,” a historic retrospective celebrating the gallery’s 40th anniversary. The exhibit opens Nov. 11 and runs through Feb. 4. Hirsh’s work also will be featured in a special edition catalog on the exhibit.

Mary Talusan Lacanlale, humanities lecturer, performed the kulintang (Philippine gongs) at the opening ceremonies for Filipino American History Month at the South Bay Pavilion in Carson, and helped produced the Filipino Americans Got Talent competition, which was judged by former CSU Dominguez Hills student and “Duets” reality music show contestant Jason Farol, and rapper apl.de.ap of The Black Eyed Peas.

Vivian Price, associate professor of interdisciplinary studies and coordinator of the Labor Studies Program, was among the presenters at a Westside Democratic Headquarters election forum, “What Voters Need to Know about the California Ballot Propositions 2012,” which took place in Santa Monica in September. Price discussed the implications of Prop 32.

College of Business Administration and Public Policy

Natasa Christodoulidou, associate professor of management and marketing, was a contributing author to the Hotel Business Review’s September Feature Focus: “Best Practices on Maximizing Revenues,” on the web site, www.hotelexecutive.com. She contributed the article, “Forecasting Techniques and Maintaining Market Share in a Multi-Dimensional Resort.”

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Thomas Landefeld, professor of biology, presented a seminar, “The Importance of a Ph.D. in Basic and Clinical Research,” to students of Delaware State University. He also conducted a workshop on choosing and preparing for a career in the sciences.

Terry McGlynn, associate professor of biology, co-wrote “Tradeoffs in the Evolution of Caste and Body Size in the Hyperdiverse Ant Genus Pheidole,” which was published in PLoS ONE, 7, no. 10 (2012). McGlynn and his co-authors discovered that size matters in the decisions that ant colonies make to produce soldier ants.

Sohaila Shakib, associate professor of sociology, co-authored the article, “Interscholastic Sports Participation and School Based Delinquency: Does Participation in Sport Foster a Positive High School Environment,” which was published in Sociological Spectrum, 32, no. 6 (2012), the journal of the Mid-South Sociological Association. The article discusses findings of a study that suggests that one way to reduce violence and delinquency in schools is through encouraging participation in sports programs.

Tara Victor, associate professor of psychology, was a contributing writer to two chapters in the recently published book, “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Symptom Validity Assessment and Malingering” (Springer Publishing Company: New York, 2012). The chapters examine function and performance in mild traumatic brain injury cases.

College of Professional Studies

Terri Ares, nurse lecturer and clinical nursing specialist adviser, has been named a national 2012 Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar, a program of the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence that supports educational development of new nursing faculty. Ares is a doctoral candidate at Villanova University College of Nursing. She also gave a poster presentation, “An ADN and BSN Concurrent Enrollment Model” at the National League for Nursing Education Summit 2012 last month. The poster offered a summary of an innovative program to create a pathway for completion of a bachelor of nursing degree to associate degree in nursing students and involves concurrent enroll iof academically qualified Santa Monica College nursing students in CSU Dominguez Hills upper division BSN courses.

Barbara Kennedy, associate professor of nursing, co-authored “Impact of Nursing Intervention on Decreasing Substances among Homeless Youth,” an article published in American Journal on Addictions, 21, no. 6 (2012) on the results of a study on the effectiveness of intervention programs among homeless youth.


Expert Quotes

Recent quotes in the media from faculty

“Contrary to what we might think, children do respect authority. And if they feel a celebrity has some sort of power over them, they may feel obligated to respond. This app is basically replacing the cool next-door neighbour who can get your child to eat spinach when you can’t.”

Melissa St. James, associate professor of marketing, quoted in “Potty Training: Elmo has an app for that:  “The Promise of the ‘flipped classroom’ eludes poorer school districts” (Sept. 6, Postmedia News; Canada.com).


Faculty is encouraged to send accomplishments for publication in Dateline to abentleysmith@csudh.edu

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